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March 31,2022 Expiry || Nifty options||


  • Today Sgx nifty indicating gap up but not much
  • After gap up I entered 17350 to 17650 strangle I'm expecting 17400 to 17600 range.

  • without adjustments I get a max profit of 4300.
  • @10.50AM Nifty breahes yesterday high and sustained so I moved my 17650ce to 17600

  • and moved my puts to 17350 to 17400.
  • @11.15 I Moved my calls to 17600 to 17550
  • @1'O clock I Moved puts 17400 to 17450
  • Now My position is 17450 to 17550 with I get a max of 9000 profit.
  • @2 My MTM profit is around 5000
  • @2.30 NIFTY fells at that my PE stop loss get triggered which gives loss of 9k of this leg alone
  • so I decided to completely take calls 17500
  •  @3 I squared off all positions

  • Still I left 2.6K Obviously which turns out to be profit, but left it

  • I got 0.74% ROI which is very less.
My Mistakes

  • @2.30 my range is 17450 to 17550, the 17450PE stop loss is high and it is triggered
  • but ultimately 17450 PE is zero

Published: By: Manikanta - March 31, 2022

March 24,2022 Expiry


  • Today all Global indices indicating negative and sgx nifty also indicates gap down.
  • Market opened gap down and then quickly rallied 100 points in 10 min.

  • I created strangle @16900 PE to 17400 CE with hedges@ 100 Points each.

  • later market Moves higher Breaks yesterday Low i shifted my 16900 Pe to 1700 PE.

  • At this time Calls are exploded and Puts not Decaying.so I moved My 17400 CE to 17450 CE
  • @10 Again I Moved My 1700 PE to 17100 PE.
  • @10.30 Nifty falls so I Moved My 17450 CE to 17400CE with Puts also Changed from 17100 to 17000PE
  • It formes a base around 17200 to 17230 Range.
  • I did Completely wrong Trade  unnecessarily i moved to and back.
  • This Created Huge loss.
  • again @ 11 AM Nifty forms a base and Bounce Back
  • So I aggressively Moved once again My Puts to 17150 from 17000.

  • @ 12PM nifty touches Resistance zone and started falling.
  • This created Panic situation to me so i again i moved puts to 17150 to 1700 and calls to 17400 to 17300.

  • It tooks  Support @ 17150 and again bounces.
  • Today I totally Frustrated and done lot of adjustments today the whole thing i did was completely panic and option premium behaviour was gone mad.
  • I am sitting on loss 6.3k and loss touches 10K

  • At last after nifty takes support from 17150
  • After it takes support from 17150 i again entered 17150 PE TO 17300CE
  • And waited till 2.35 and after 2.30 i completely shifted my positions to 17300 CE
  • at last all my losses become zero.
    My Mistakes
  • Today i completely done wrong.
  • unnecessarily move from up and down.

Published: By: Manikanta - March 25, 2022

March 17,2022 Expiry


  • Today all Global Major Indices are Green DOW, NASDAQ, NIKKEI,SHANGHAI
  • SGX NIFTY Indicating market is open at gap up
  • Market opened gap up of 200+ points
  • My view is bullish
  • After Gap up I waited for some Retracement
  • @9.30 I build a Strangle 1700PE To 17400CE with hedges@100points each
  • With this I get Max of 6405 profit
  • As soon as Nifty Breaks R1 and sustains I shifted my 17000Pe to 17050PE

  • @ 11.30 Nifty Breaks R2 So again I moved my 17050PE to 17200PE
  • and I moved my Hedge leg also
  • @2.30 I'm Sitting on Profit of 6500and squared off all positions
  • and again @2.40 I entered with Bullish View 17200Pe and 17250PE

  • But @3.PM My Entire Profit Goes to Zero But i Still waiting for good Move
  • at last My Day Ended in Green

  • My Deployed capital is 4,44,000 With ROI is 1.9% Which is Good

My Mistakes

  1. @9.34  I Moved My calls to 17350 which is wrong
  2. and I squared off in loss

Published: By: Manikanta - March 17, 2022

March 10,2022 Expiry

March 10,2022 Expiry,

Ø Today Nifty Opened a Gap up of nearly 400 points

Ø As usual when Gap up Created Immediately selling will come

Ø After 25 Min Market Settles down I build a simple strangle of 500 points i.e.; 16400PE &16900CE with Hedge legs@100 points Each


Ø With This I get a Max Profit of 4050

Ø @10.30 Market Bounces From Support Zone I Shifted PE From 16400 to 16500


Ø From This Nifty Moving Slowly, My 16900 CE decayed So I moved to 16850CE

Ø @ Around 1 PM I’m Sitting On Profit Of 5000

Ø @1.45PM Nifty Breaks Support Zone


Ø My Puts are @16500 as soon as It breaks the puts are bleeding like anything

Ø I have to cover my position so I shifted 16500 PE to 16450PE and within no matter I moved calls from 16850 to 16700 Ce

Ø @2.PM My Entire Profit Gone  and I am into loss of 2500

Ø I Know 16466 will act as Major Support.But I don’t want to Take Risk I squred off all positions

Ø After 2.30Pm It Bounces From Support I again Build a postion as 16450Pe and 16650Ce

Ø But I Can’t Hold it

Ø So I ended up No Profit No loss


1.      @2.30 Nifty Bounces from 16448 level and sustains

I entered 16450PE to 16650CE range Entry Was Perfect

But Exit was very Bad

2.    And again @2.45 I entered 16500PE to 16700Ce This is also Ok but I can’t Hold for 10Min.If holded I ended up in a Profit of around 6K.

Published: By: Manikanta - March 10, 2022

March 03,2022 Expiry

  • Hello Friends,
  • Today Nifty Opened a gap up of 130 points Later it continues to fell as selling pressure is high.

  • I entered at 9.36 am building a 550 points strangle
  • 16900CE and 16350PE with Hedge legs at 100points Each 17000CE and 16250PE
  • as Nifty Breaks 16678 level and sustained so I have adjust the call option so i Squared off 16900CE and entered 16800 CE
  • Vix is high so easily got a profit around 12.20PM I Squared off all The positions

  • I got a decent profit around 4927.5 for a Capital of  469812

  • I got a profit of 1% still OK

Published: By: Manikanta - March 03, 2022


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