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March 17,2022 Expiry


  • Today all Global Major Indices are Green DOW, NASDAQ, NIKKEI,SHANGHAI
  • SGX NIFTY Indicating market is open at gap up
  • Market opened gap up of 200+ points
  • My view is bullish
  • After Gap up I waited for some Retracement
  • @9.30 I build a Strangle 1700PE To 17400CE with hedges@100points each
  • With this I get Max of 6405 profit
  • As soon as Nifty Breaks R1 and sustains I shifted my 17000Pe to 17050PE

  • @ 11.30 Nifty Breaks R2 So again I moved my 17050PE to 17200PE
  • and I moved my Hedge leg also
  • @2.30 I'm Sitting on Profit of 6500and squared off all positions
  • and again @2.40 I entered with Bullish View 17200Pe and 17250PE

  • But @3.PM My Entire Profit Goes to Zero But i Still waiting for good Move
  • at last My Day Ended in Green

  • My Deployed capital is 4,44,000 With ROI is 1.9% Which is Good

My Mistakes

  1. @9.34  I Moved My calls to 17350 which is wrong
  2. and I squared off in loss

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