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  • Today all global markets are negative But Sgx nifty is positive indicating market gap up.
  • as soon as market gap up 100+ points  in first 15 min
  • later falling started continuously 

  • Initially i build a strangle  17750 to 17500 with hedges @50 points each.
  • @10.44 nifty falls heavily my 17500 PE which sold @ 7 becomes tripled
  • so I moved 17500 PE to 17450 PE and 17750 CE to 17600 CE.
  • after some fall nifty consolidation and then again it started falling down
  • This creates huge PUT side IV spike
@1.Pm  I am @ loss of 7k

  • with this I completely exited all positions @ 2.O clock and Taken completely single side 
  • i.e:; 17600 CE

  •   At last all loss becomes Nullified but no profit 

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