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  • Today Nifty opened gap up
  • I'm expecting nifty to trade between 17000 to 17300
  • as usual i build a strangle 17350 to 17100.
  • @10.48 nifty broke R1 and sustained
  • so I moved 17100 PE to 17150 PE.
  • .@11.14 nifty continuous to rally.
  • So again I moved 17150 pe to 17200PE
  • @11.30 I shifted 17350E to 17400
  • I'm Expecting some retracement but not happened 

  • @12.30 i moved17200 pe to 17250 pe
  • @12.50 I moved 17250PE to 17300PE .
  • @1.45 i squared off all positions with loss of 4k
  • @2.07 I builded a straddle 17350ce and 17350pe with hedges 17400ce and 17300pe
  • This straddle back fired Nifty continuous moving.
  • @ last I builded a 17400 straddle due to panic this is also squared off.
  • @last i sold 17400ce 1000 quantity with hedge of 17450
  • If i waited till end i have no loss and no profit
  • I did a Huge Mistake 17400ce i should have waited

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